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I have long been a fan of Etsy, but for us South Africans, items from anywhere abroad take ages to ship to us and often don't even make it to us! However, one of the cool things about Etsy is all the digital prints available instantly for download, which means no waiting time - and major decor inspiration! I have curated my favourite prints from across the WORLD which you can download in seconds off Etsy and have printed on whatever material you like at your local print shop.


  1. Cactus from California based HeartsinColours
  2. Banana Leaves from California based HeartsinColours 
  3. Plant on pink from Australian LILAxLOLA
  4. Australian Eucalyptus Print from Australian LILAxLOLA


  1. Be Kind from Istanbul based Mottos Print 
  2. No Bad Days from Coastal Papers 
  3. All is Pretty (Andy Warhol) from TheFreshElement
  4. Believe from Istanbul based Mottos Print 

  1. Constellation Print from Cali based Paradigm Art
  2. Origami Dinosaur from Cali based Paradigm Art
  3. Life Guard Tower from Polish PrintsMiuusStudios  
  4. Car Shift from TheFreshElement

Hopefully these will help inspire you to make over a nook of your home! 

Which one is your favourite? Hit me up! 

All my love, 

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