HOW TO SET UP A CUSTOM DOMAIN | Register a URL using Go Daddy

How do you set up a domain?

One of the main things people ask me about when it comes to blogging and digital marketing in general, is how to register a custom domain! And no wonder, because its one of the biggest considerations when it comes to building a website. It is in fact quite a simple three step process which I have outlined below.

STEP 1: 
The first decision is choosing what URL to register. A handy tool in South Africa is called Who Is - it allows you to see if a domain is available and if not, who owns it.

STEP 2: 
The second thing to consider is which service provider to use, and I always recommend GoDaddy. Most domains cost about $9.99 / year, or R125 a year; and most .com domains about $12 a year, or R150 a year (both are billed annually). This makes it affordable to register a domain even if its for future use, or multiple, similar domains to ensure that someone else doesn't mimic your website. However, the price can ramp up quickly if you want fancier "extensions" like .digital or .design or .io. If you want to use the domain as an email address, i.e., you can add this on for an additional $24 (R300) or so a year. This is great for making a small business look more professional, and assist you in building your brand!

STEP 3: 
If you are using Blogger, I would strongly recommend reading Wonder Forest's article about how you set up your custom domain so that your blog appears when you type in your brand, spanking new URL!

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