WHAT DOES A DIY WEBSITE COST? | Cheap & Simple Options for a South African Budget

A great website is essential for ensuring your brand is easily found and beautifully presented online. However for us South Africans, it can seem impossible to create a cost effective website by yourself, confidently when we are paying dollar prices in rands. I have popped together three simple and relatively cheap ways to create your own website - whether that's a blog or just a basic website with your company offering.

Option 1 - Wordpress 
Wordpress is the most popular option for building a website - in fact the platform powers one third of the world's websites. Wordpress is open source software which is why people may talk about it being free, but because all websites require a custom domain and hosting, this isn't really the case unless you are happy with a .wordpress.com domain.

The three options available to you on Wordpress are Personal, Premium and Business and are available for US$4 a month, US$8 a month andd US$25 a month respectively. All of these are billed yearly so this translates into approximately R600 a year, R1100 a year or R3700 a year (of course all these prices depend on the USD: ZAR exchange rate at the time). It's very important to note that all three options include a domain so you do not have to register one yourself through GoDaddy or similar.

Option 2 - Wix 
Another option which is easily available is Wix. Interestingly enough though, it is more expensive than Wordpress with the most basic option going for US$4.50 per month (billed monthly) which works out at R665 a year. This would be a marginal difference HOWEVER:
1. You need to have a pre-existing domain (as I mentioned earlier, Wordpress prices include a domain)
2. Despite being a paid plan, this displays Wix brand ads. Yikes.

Option 3 - Blogger 
Blogger is even more fascinating in the sense that although it is not a popular choice online (primarily due to limited templates available in comparison to those of Wordpress), it is by far the cheapest option as the only cost is your domain cost. I repeat, you do not pay for hosting, only the GoDaddy costs for a domain (a mere R125 per year!)

I hope this post helps demystify the costs around building a DIY website in South Africa.

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