PRINT IDEAS | Spruce up any room

I have long been a fan of Etsy, but for us South Africans, items from anywhere abroad take ages to ship to us and often don't even make it to us! However, one of the cool things about Etsy is all the digital prints available instantly for download, which means no waiting time - and major decor inspiration! I have curated my favourite prints from across the WORLD which you can download in seconds off Etsy and have printed on whatever material you like at your local print shop.


  1. Cactus from California based HeartsinColours
  2. Banana Leaves from California based HeartsinColours 
  3. Plant on pink from Australian LILAxLOLA
  4. Australian Eucalyptus Print from Australian LILAxLOLA


  1. Be Kind from Istanbul based Mottos Print 
  2. No Bad Days from Coastal Papers 
  3. All is Pretty (Andy Warhol) from TheFreshElement
  4. Believe from Istanbul based Mottos Print 

  1. Constellation Print from Cali based Paradigm Art
  2. Origami Dinosaur from Cali based Paradigm Art
  3. Life Guard Tower from Polish PrintsMiuusStudios  
  4. Car Shift from TheFreshElement

Hopefully these will help inspire you to make over a nook of your home! 

Which one is your favourite? Hit me up! 

All my love, 

FLAT OVERHAUL | Inspiration & Steal my Style: Part 1

The beginning of April saw a lot of change, including moving into the outside flat of my digs! I previously had just a room in a house share with an en suite bathroom, so when the outside granny flat opened up, I was all too excited to move in and make it my own! The flat has an entrance hall, two bedrooms, a walk in cupboard and an en suite bathroom. I didn't want to buy a whole lot of new furniture, but I did need to buy some strategic new pieces to make it look like a cosy, lived in space. 

Picture: SFGirlbyBay 

This post is a part 1 of the transformation - showing you what initially inspired me, and some of the items I ended up buying, or what I cobbled together from my old room. 

Of course, the first place I went was Pinterest, to get some decor inspiration. I have popped together my favourite spaces, so you can see the kind of style I was going for. I love natural, practical decor which is unfussy but still chic. Trends which are very in at the moment lend themselves well to this like bohemian, modern century and Scandinavian minimalist. I am not normally drawn to browns/mustards and tend to opt for cooler shades, so I just loved seeing how they can add warmth and detail without looking like the seventies gone wrong. 

The final look ended up a bit more clean cut than my moodboard, but I tried my best to be a little bit more adventurous than usual! The silky illusion rug pictured below, as an example, was a great way to incorporate print whilst still keeping the overall feel very crisp. I didn't purchase all of the below items just for the flat as I of course, I had a few key items from my old bedroom - but I have included some of the key pieces of the new look in the montage below - so that you can steal the style, or just your favourite item!

Delicious Monster, Stodels (or Plantify)
Fiddle leaf fig, Stodels (or Plantify)

Poppy Lace Duvet Set, Superbalist (Mine is actually @Home but from a while ago)
Clothes Rail, Superbalist (Mine was custom made by my brother based off a design from Pinterest)
Hanging Metallic Mirror, Mr Price Home   and I have seen a smaller, 25cm version at H&M Home too
Himmel Side Table, Gumtree Find

Haida Woven Rug, Superbalist 
Micro Shaggy Runner Rug, Mr Price Home 
Silky Illusion Rug, Mr Price Home  

Because its a tiled, outside flat, I placed the most emphasis on rugs as I felt this would be most important to make it feel warm and cosy - especially ahead of a Cape Town winter. The rest of the items I purchased were really just to add interest and stop it from feeling stark or unlived in.

So... how did it turn out you ask? You will have to keep your eyes peeled for Part 2 of the flat overhaul! Have any cool decor finds to share? I'd love to hear all about them!

All my love,